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A clean retake on a procedural generation technique developed to generate vast amounts of interesting, unique names for a certain infinite cough universe. Designed to run very fast, very lean, ’themed’ on underlying language styles. Also ideal for naming your next dropshipping company! Enatozaba! Zero Google search results, apart from probably this page soon!

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a week later - yep, there it is

An offline training process digests a corpus of name examples, such as an enormous list of Japanese place names. These are processed into trigram frequency tables. A code generation phase produces a set of C++ decision sequencers (lookup tables and vast switch statements) for building results a character at a time.

I’ve haphazardly compiled the ‘mini’ demo with Emscripten , running below via WASM which is total overkill but I can’t be bothered to write a JavaScript code generator (yet). This demo some simple generators that cycle through various language sets and perform basic word construction. Hit Regenerate to reload the frame and get a new batch.

A full write-up of how it works is on the GitHub page, linked above.